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Each new community to Hackney brings distinctive tastes and demands for goods and services. To meet these, specialist small businesses spring up, encouraging more people to settle in the area.

In the late 1800s, Jewish refugees escaping persecution in Tsarist Russia settled in Shoreditch. They spoke little to no English and brought with them a very strong religious and cultural entity.

Weinberg’s Printing Press was one of the small Jewish businesses set up to meet the needs of this community. Barnett Weinberg began his printing business having co-founded the Yiddish paper ‘Der Tzeit’ in 1912. The press specialised in printing Yiddish. It produced a wide range of material, from Bar Mitzvah cards to membership cars for the Jewish Bakers’ Union.

As the Jewish community began to move to the suburbs, Weinberg’s and a whole range of other specialist businesses declined. The company closed in 1987.
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