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Ginger Williams is a musician and singer who was born in Jamaica in 1953 and came to England in 1962. She was brought up in North London (around Stamford Hill) and later lived Hackney. Her singing career began when she accompanied a friend to a music studio and sung an example of how one part could be sung. Those around her in the studio noticed her talent and asked to join the recording. Her first single 'Tenderness' ('I Can't Resist Your Tenderness') was released in 1973, written by Ronnie Williams. She performed and recorded with many artists across Reggae/Lovers Rock.

She has released several albums and singles such as 'In My Heart There is a Place' and 'Strange World' (1977). At one point in her career, Williams took a break from recording after feeling disappointed with the music industry but her friend and producer Henry Barnes, encouraged her to return. They released 'Love Me Tonight' in 1990 as her return to her career.

Image credit: Hackney Museum