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Barnes, Henry


Henry Barnes was born in Jamaica, he moved to England at a young age and grew up in South Benfleet (near Canvey Island). At the age of 26 - in the 1970s - he started his first band, called 'The Virgin'. He then met producer and label CEO Eddy Grant who was the founder of 'The Equals' one of the U.K's first racially integrated pop groups.

Henry Barnes became a solo artist as well as a member of the band '90 Degrees Inclusive' with Hugh Francis, Delford Davis, Winston Henry, and Webster Dyer. Grant signed the band to labels Marco Music, Phonogram and later the band were signed to Virgin Records. 90 Degrees Inclusive's first album has sold over 250,000 copies. Henry is now a solo artist, producer and owner of the label Cougar Records.

Henry Barnes is known to many of his friends as Barney.

Image credit: Hackney Museum