Home Poster for the 'Trevor Monerville Campaign'

Poster for the 'Trevor Monerville Campaign'



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Black, yellow and white poster featuring a black and white photograph of Trevor Monerville in a hospital bed. There large block capitals text in yellow as well as smaller text underneath the image in white.

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Trevor Monerville went missing from Stoke Newington police station after being taken into custody on New Year's Eve, reappearing after several days on the other side of London in Brixton prison. He had multiple injuries and later underwent emergency surgery in Maudsley Hospital. The case highlighted existing concerns about alleged institutional racism in the Metropolitan Police and led to the formation of the Hackney Community Defence Association in 1988.

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Monerville, Trevor (Featured)




height (Whole): 611mm
width (whole): 419mm

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From 'Hackney Museum: Making Her Mark: 100 years of women’s activism in Hackney'

Women have been prominent and active in local campaigns for justice from the police for members of the African and Caribbean community.

Trevor Monerville was 19 in 1987 when, after being held in Stoke Newington Police Station, he sustained injuries requiring him to be put on a life support machine. His aunt, Annette Monerville, led the campaign demanding a public inquiry and justice for Trevor.

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Trevor Monerville Campaign Committee
42 Brooksby's Walk, London E9. (01) 985 6878.


We Demand an answer to the following questions

1 Was Trevor in his present condition when the police found him? Did he have bruises and cuts over the length of his body? If so, why was he charged with an offence? Why was he not taken directly to hospital? Why were these injuries not discovered on Trevor's five visits by police doctors and two journeys to Homerton hospital whilst in police custody?

2 If Trevor was NOT in his present condition when found by the police, how did he receive his injuries whilst in police custody?

3 Why, given Trevor's condition, did it take six officers to forcibly take his fingerprints? Why, immediately after this ordeal, did Trevor see three doctors within six hours? What happened?

4 Why did the police not inform us they were holding Trevor once they discovered his identity on 3 January 1987?

5 Why did prison officers destroy some of Trevor's clothes?

6 Why did police invent a brain tumor for Trevor?

7 Why have Stoke Newington police suddenly dropped all charges against Trevor?

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