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Women's badge : Black and Ethnic Women in Action Hackney



Production date

1982 = 1986

Object number


Physical Description

Yellow badge with two women illustrated on it. They are both wearing different styles of head coverings and there is black text around the edge of the badge.


Black and Ethnic Women in Action Hackney




Diameter: 36mm
Depth: 3mm

Exhibition Label

Black Action in Hackney

Fair and equal representation for Hackney’s diverse communities on local and national issue was a challenge. Working groups and organisations were setup to improve this with specific focus on target groups, such as the Black People’s Association and Black and Ethnic Minority Women.

Others were showing their sympathies with groups, movements or activities, such as radical feminism or the Black Power political movement. Both of these are
thought to use the Black Power fist within the symbol for female gender.

People Power: Black British Arts & Activism in Hackney 1960s-2000s
4 October 2016 to 21 January 2017

Black and Ethnic Women in Action Badge

Alberta Khemoh, Chii Okoro and Rose Kah represented Black and Minority Ethnic Women on Hackney Council’s various committees. Some would have worn a badge like this.

The women were members of Hackney African Organisation. Founded in Dalston in 1983, it started by providing community and welfare services to counter the racial inequality their users faced. The women were all keen to ensure underrepresented voices were heard.

Being African in Hackney: 1960s-2020s
14 September 2021 to 14 February 2022

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