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'GLC' gas cooker



Production date

1925 = 1955

Object number


Physical Description

A gas cooker made of grey and white enamelled metal with three cooking rings and a folding plate rack. The cooker is marked 'GLC', possibly indicating that it was marketed by the Gas Light & Coke Company, sometimes abbreviated as the acronym GLC, and usually seen as a forerunner of British Gas plc. The cheap and affordable ‘GLC’ cookers sometimes comprised a part of fully-fitted council flat kitchens in the 1940s and early 1950s. Hackney’s large number of council estates has made it possible for many people to come and live in the area. As well as providing cheap housing, the planners of council estates wanted to transform the way people lived. One way they tried to do this was by giving council flats fully-fitted kitchens.


Enamelled tin


Height: 1450mm
Width: 530mm
Depth: 580mm

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