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Policeman's rattle



Production date

1840 = 1899

Object number


Physical Description

A wooden policeman's rattle made up of two tongues and a gearwheel attached to the handle, with an upper holding knob to swing the rattle to create noise. The momentum caused by the boards swinging creates a clicking and rattling noise when the boards click against the gearwheel. In the 18th and 19th centuries police would use the rattles like this to make noise to summon help. They were used again during World War 2 to warn of poisonous gases. Also called a ratchet, noisemaker or gragger they are now used to make noise at public events like football matches.

Object history

Spring rattle, the predecessor to the Police Whistle till the latter half of the 19th century.




Height (Whole): 220mm
Width (Whole): 240mm
Depth (Whole): 30mm

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