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Ridge Tent



Production date

1950 = 1970

Object number


Physical Description

Outer cover for two pole ridge tent




Height: 1750mm
Width: 20001mm

Exhibition Label

"The 14th and 68th Hackney scout groups joined together for their annual summer camp in 1965 near the banks of the River Rhine at Koblenz in then West Germany. Before leaving we were invited to Hackney Town Hall by the Mayor and given a message of greeting for his German counterpart.

We felt privileged to be travelling abroad as most of our families could not afford foreign travel. Campcraft was a central part of our scout training back then and we entered camping competitions across the district and county.

Our tents accommodated a patrol of about six lads. They were made of canvas, just like the tent fly-sheet above. While in Koblenz lasting friendships were made and I still correspond by email today with a German pen-friend, Gert Eckstein, who I met there 50 years ago."

Chosen by John Riddick
Hackney 14th Scout Group

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