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Identity card : Albert G. Lewis



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Identity card: Albert G. Lewis

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First World War

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Lewis, Albert (Featured)

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Width (Front): 85mm
Length (Front): 115mm

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From the exhibition 'The Art of War – Posters & Propaganda from the First World War' [23 February – 28 May 2016]

National Registration Act, 1915

The National Registration Bill was pushed through Parliament as a way of dealing with the labour crisis, because essential industries were left without key workers after the rush of volunteers to the Front. The government was also keen to identify so-called ‘shirkers’ and ‘slackers’ who were not doing their duty for the war effort.

This Act required a Register of every adult in the country between the ages of 15 and 65. On Registration Day, 15 August 1915, everyone within the specified age range completed a form giving their name, age, nationality, marital status and employment details.

Recruiting officers would then pay up to three visits to men who had not enlisted, and inquire about the reasons why they had not joined up, a tactic that pressured men to enlist. The Register laid the foundations for compulsory recruitment later in the war.

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(Front) National Registration Act, 1915.
(Inside) This
a) Lewis, Alb. G.
b) Clerk
c) of 57 Redwald Road, Clapton Park
has been registered under the National Registration Act, 1915
Signiture of holder) Albert George Lewis
God save the king.