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4 Stoke Newington N Lond. Vol. Regt



Production date

1914 = 1918

Object number


Physical Description

Volunteer regiment badge : 4 Stoke Newington N Lond. Vol. Regt

Associated Event

First World War




Width: 60mm

Exhibition Label

From the exhibition 'The Art of War – Posters & Propaganda from the First World War' [23 February – 28 May 2016]

Military Badges

Detachable badges in metal or cloth are a key element of military uniforms. They identify the rank of the serviceman, their particular regiment or ship, qualification or specialist trade.

Stoke Newington and Hackney Volunteer Regiments

The National Reserve sought out former soldiers who could make up a force that could be quickly added to the army in time of need. In October 1914 it formed into Companies, to help guard railways and other vulnerable points.

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