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Lusitania box : RMS Lusitania



Production date

1915 = 1918

Object number


Physical Description

Red card, white / red black paper label, contains 1991.372 - 373, 80 x 80 x 13mm.

Associated Event

First World War

Exhibition Label

From the exhibition 'The Art of War – Posters & Propaganda from the First World War' [23 February – 28 May 2016]

Avenge the Lusitania

This anti-German leaflet criticises a German medal which showed the sinking of the passenger liner, Lusitania, killing civilians. The British exploited the incident for propaganda purposes, the intention being to demonstrate that the sinking was cynically pre-planned. Around 300,000 British copies of these medals were made, paid for by Gordon Selfridge, the department store owner.

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