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Nautilus fossil


Width: 90mm

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"I have always been fascinated by shells and fossils. When I was growing up in Torbay, Devon, I used to spend ages searching for the little fossilised ferns you could find in the shale along my local beach and most seaside holidays had me wandering along the beaches looking out for fossils and shells.

It was really thrilling when this little nautilus emerged from folds of tissue paper and I held it cupped in my hand. It is amazing to know that it was alive millions of years ago. It is not known exactly whereabouts in Hackney they were found but how wonderful to think that they had been swimming in the sea snuffling for food around what is now Stoke Newington Common. Who knows? Maybe with climate change nautili will return."

Chosen by Liz Fewings
Stoke Newington Common Users Group

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