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Poster advertising a meeting of the women's rights sub-committee at Hackney Town Hall. A detail from a photograph (taken by the Hackney Flashers) shows women and children at a protest for nurseries.




Height: 754
Width: 456mm

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From 'Hackney Museum: Making Her Mark: 100 years of women’s activism in Hackney'

Hackney Council set up a women’s rights committee to fulfil a manifesto pledge to give much greater attention to the needs of women in the borough. It was criticised in the local press as ‘sexism gone mad’.

This poster promotes the first meeting at Hackney Town Hall which 150 women attended. The Committee explored pre-school childcare, jobs, domestic violence, racial disadvantage and welfare rights. Early successes include the removal of sexist language from the council minutes and the introduction of guidelines and training for staff.

Few ethnic minority or young women attended. When the Committee initially failed to campaign against the deportation of a mother and children to Ghana, Lester Lewis of the Hackney Black People’s Association complained that “‘Hackney Listens to Women’ apparently only applies to white women.”

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Photograph featured in the poster - © The Hackney Flashers

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Hackney Listens to Women
Come to an open meeting
on Thursday October 21
at 7.30pm in the Town Hall
Mare Street London
Women Only

Parents Must Unite + Fight
A Nursery is my Right

London Borough of Hackney
Women's Rights Sub-Committee