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Token - John Ball



Production date

1650 = 1675

Object number


Physical Description

Brass, struck on both sides:
Obverse – ‘John Ball at the Boarded’ and an image of two men greeting one another.
Reverse – ‘House neere Newington Green’ and in the centre ‘His Penny’.

Stoke Newington was one of the places where tradesmen’s’ token were issued during the 1600s. These were issues by individuals addressing a public need when there were shortages of official government provided coins. Though not official sanctioned, they acted as small change.

John Ball kept a house of entertainment at the hamlet of Balls Pond about the middle of the 1600s. It was famous for bull-baiting and ‘brutal sports’, and was used by “the lower orders of people, from all parts of the metropolis.”

The image of the two men greeting each other is ‘The Salutation’, which was also on the sign of the pub.
The drawing is of an identical token from the collection of Mr Tutet. It is taken from ‘The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Stoke Newington’ (1842) by William Robinson

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