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This is a campaign poster by YRE (Youth Against Racism in Europe), publicising a meeting to discuss institutional racism within the justice system. Speaking at the event were campaigners from the Winston Silcott Defence Campaign, the M25 Campaign, and the Free Oliver Campbell Campaign. These cases were allegedly affected by an institutional racism within the police force that had distorted the final outcome against young, black defendants.

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YRE Youth Against Racism in Europe. NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE! Too often the police will charge a young black with a crime when they know that the young person is innocent. In the pages of the gutter press they are seen to be putting criminals behind bars, and of course they get their promotions. The racism of the system means that he is "guilty" from the minute he walks into the court. With a nod and a wink from the police the judge, with no evidence before him, directs the jury to find the youth guilty, and another young life is stolen by the system. NOW'S the time to organise. Come to the meeting. It's at 7.00pm on WEDNESDAY 14th JULY at the Centerprise Community Centre, 136 Kingsland High Street, Dalston (Close to Rio Cinema). Hear speakers from: Winston Silcott Defence Campaign, M 25 Campaign, Free Oliver Campbell Campaign.