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Brightly coloured and illustrated with Engllish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh saints and coats of arms with crusader and WW1 soldier

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1st World War
First World War

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Heathfield, Agnes (Produced for)



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From the exhibition 'The Art of War: Posters & Propaganda from the First World War'

A New Crusade?

The crusades were medieval wars over 500 years ago declared by various Popes in the name of protecting Christendom from Islam.

The illustrations on this certificate compares the patriotism of a solider with a crusading knight. This may have been a reference to one of the opposition countries, the Ottoman Empire (now modern Turkey), the world’s largest independent Islamic power at the time.

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St. George England
St. Patrick Ireland

London County Council
St Jude's Girl'

School, Dept.

The award of prizes having been suspended by the Council during the Great War, this certificate is given to Agnes Heathfield for good conduct and meritorious work during the educational year 1915-16.

Langley Headmistress

St Andrew Scotland
St David Wales