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Oral history interview with Georgina Wisdom


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Oral history interview with Georgina Wisdom

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Wisdom, Georgina (Subject of)

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MAPPING THE CHANGE: Hackney Museum oral history project

Summary of interview with:
• Georgina Wisdom, b 1933, Moved to Dalston in 1974, as an English woman with a Black Jamaican husband.

Georgina Wisdom

Collection Title: “Mapping The Change”
Item Title: Georgina Wisdom interviewed by Tony T
Speaker: Georgina Wisdom, b 22nd September 1933
Speaker: Tony T
Recordist: Rebecca Goldstone
Purpose of recording: Interviewed for ‘Mapping The Change’ (Dalston)
Recording Dates: 13th September 2010
Recording Location: Marie Lloyd Centre, Hackney, London.
Access restrictions: None
Recording equipment: Marantz PDM661 & 1 Sennheiser lapel mic - ew112-p
Recording notes: WAV
Georgina was very warm and willing to help us, but unlike our pre-interview meeting she was not able to remember much or articulate descriptive answers.
Documentation: Typed summary

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Interview summary:

[00:00:00] Introduces herself and forthcoming birthday.

[00:00:30] Brownlow Road days, aggravation from police because of her five sons – stopped and beaten.

[00:01:00] More deadly violence in Hackney now than when she came – “I worry about my grandchildren with all the stabbings and that, that’s going on”.

[00:01:43] Family reaction to her marriage to Jamaican husband – initial disapproval from his family

[00:02:21] Early Hackney reactions to her mixed race family: Some difficulties - sons insulted.

[00:02:41] Hackney experiences of SUS: “The police kept pulling them up and searching them”

[00:03:02] Ridley Road, much more expensive: “You could go down Ridley Road and get a lot of shopping for £3. But not today”

[00:03:26] Housing moved her to Hackney: From one room flat with a kitchen shared with four sons. To flat with four bedrooms…

[00:04:26] Background: Mother died when she was 3. Separated from brother never seen again. Brought up in Wanstead Children’s home till 18. Started work in ‘Smarts Laundry’ Well Street. At 29 met husband there.

[00:06:12] Married in church at Rectory Rd & Evering Road. [00:06:20] Sons born in Mothers Hospital. [00:06:38] Evering Rd flat first marital home…

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