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Desmond Dekker at the Four Aces Club



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Black and white photograph of Desmond Dekker at the Four Aces Club 1969.

The Four Aces club was founded in the 1960s and for 33 years was home to influential black music and musicians.

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Whittier, Winstan (Associated Person)

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The Four Aces Club

The Four Aces (1966 – 1997) was a pioneering music club in Dalston, and one of the first venues to play music rooted in African and Caribbean cultures in the
1960s. It showcased up-and-coming reggae musicians and provided opportunities for Black artists at a time when there were no Black radio stations and few Black stars in the UK. By the 1970s, West Indians from across London and the UK were flocking to the club.

People Power: Black British Arts & Activism in Hackney 1960s - 2000s

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Courtesy of Newton Dunbar and Winstan Whitter

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