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Sack Boris


Travel card holder

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Physical Description

Sack Boris Travel card holder

Associated Event

May 2012 Elections for London Mayor

Associated Person

Johnson, Boris Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Subject of)




width (front): 10cm
height (front): 7cm

Exhibition Label

"I've lived in Hackney since 1977 and I've been a wheelchair user since 1990. Most people would agree with me that getting around in a wheelchair is not easy. It's very difficult to manoeuvre a wheelchair if the pavement is slanted or there are holes in it or it's very crowded. Kerbs can be really hard to get over and sometimes even ramps have ledges at the bottom or are not wide enough. And getting on and off buses and trains is another matter altogether.

I did a demonstration for Transport for London on the pros and cons of using their ramps to get on the number 242 bus that goes through Hackney.

There was a drive to make all trains wheelchair accessible but I think the Olympics captured everybody's attention, including the Mayor of London, who is responsible for London's transport. Unfortunately not much changed.

I think this object tells you what I think."

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Sack Boris. Bus Fares up 50%