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More art for more children!



Object number


Physical Description

Bag painted by children to support art practice in Hackney schools




Width (Front): 36cm
Length (Front): 68cm

Exhibition Label

"We chose this bag because in our school we do a lot of art to help us with our learning and to make our school a colourful and exciting environment.

We think that everyone should be able to make art because you can show how you feel when you do art work and use your imagination. Art is creative. Art is fun! We use art in our learning even during Literacy lessons and pictures help us to understand stories better. We all think art is for everyone: young and old, creative and uncreative."

Chosen by Year 2 at Colvestone Primary School

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More art for more children! Hackneychildrensartschool.org. This is a Hackney Children's Art School project. Part of the money from the sale of these products will go towards getting real practising artists into Hackney's primary schools. The letters on this bag were drawn by Ali and coloured in by Lines, Joseph, Mia, Alex, Teddy, Billy, Alice, Hardy, George and Ben.