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A Turkish/Kurdish stringed instrument known as a saz

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Turkey (Place)




Length: 100cm

Exhibition Label

From the exhibition 'Hackney@50: The People's Choice' [12 February - 29 August 2015]

"The saz is a traditional stringed musical instrument - this particular form of it, is called a baglama. It represents a rich cultural heritage for the Kurdish and Turkish community: it is played at social gatherings including religious 'Cem' ceremonies, as well as by many Kurdish and Turkish folk singers.

When I decided to learn to play the saz, my family had this one sent over from Turkey. I later decided to donate it to Hackney Museum to include in their Kurdish Heritage Project that I was involved with. We created the Opening the Kurdish Box exhibition, which was a great opportunity to showcase the Kurdish culture through various artefacts. I was very proud to be able to share Kurdish heritage with more people."

Chosen by Esra Turk

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