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Copper indoor watering can. Haws, founded in Clapton, Hackney in 1886, is believed to be the oldest watering can company in the world. The company, now based in Smethwick in the West Midlands is still manufacturing in the UK today. This kind of watering can may well have been in use in Loddiges nursery gardens in Hackney.

This watering can was sold at Tom Budding's shop J Glinert at 71 Wilton Way, Hackney. Jack Glinert was the the original owner of the shop and the name was taken on by Tom Budding.




Height (Height): 160mm
Width (whole): 300mm

Exhibition Label

From the exhibition 'Hackney@50: The People's Choice' [12 February - 29 August 2015]

Haws Watering Can

"In 1886 John Haws of Clapton developed the Haws Watering Can. It was noted for its quality and was easy to carry and tip, even when full. The roses on the can produced an even spray, suitable for watering newly sown seeds and small plants. It is still made in England today.

The Haws Watering Can represents the botanical history of the area that existed in Hackney from the 1700s until the late 1800s. Loddiges of Hackney, The Mermaid Gardens and Dr Silvester Gardens were considered to have some of the best collections of plants in the world at the time.

My store in Wilton Way was originally called Jack Glinert. It specialised in hosiery, toys and games from the 1940s to the 1980s. I opened in 2012 and called the shop after its original name. I sell the Haws watering cans and other products that reflect Hackney's diverse population in my shop. They are practical items from around the world including paper clips and pencils from Japan and pestle and mortars from Ghana.

I used to visit the original Jack Glinert store when I was a child. It's where I got my supply of glass marbles and rubber bouncy balls."

Chosen and donated by Tom Budding
Independent shopkeeper, J. Glinert, 71 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG

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