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Oral History Interview - Mrs Dang Mui


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Interviewee: Mrs Dang Mui
Interviewer: Alex Sydney
Translator: Mr Dan Vuong
Date: 20th May 1999

Q. Could you tell me how you came to arrive in Britain first of all?

DM. The war between the Vietnamese and Chinese in Vietnam meant I had to leave Vietnam to come to England.

Q. And did you choose to come to England, or did you get told you had to England?

DM. I came to Hong Kong first, then at that time England sent out a big ship for Vietnamese refugees, so then I came to England.

Q. And where did you live first?

DM. The reception centre called Tawney Island in the south-east. Then I came to Hackney.

Q. Why did you move to Hackney?

[Discussion between interviewee & translator]

DM. Because it was a chance to be with the family.

Q. So your family already lived in Hackney?

DM. Yes

Q. OK. What family have you got?... Could you ask her to tell me a bit about her family?

DM. I have a brother & sister, and a few years ago I had a father, but a few years ago my father passed away, so now I live with my daughter.

Q. And did you all come accross to England seperately, or did you come together?

DM. Yes, together.

Q. Right. Do you like living in Hackney?

DM. Yes.

Q. What do you like about it?

DM. I have got used to living in Hackney. My neighbours are nice, and so I like it here.

Q. Right. Do you follow a particular religion at all?

DM. Yes, Buddah, Buddist.

Q. Do you go to visit a temple, or what do you do?

DM. Yes, I go to the temple.

Q. Could you tell me what you do in a week because you're Buddist?

DM. In the temple, I usually pray for the family, the healthy, so and wish for nice lives in the Buddist year, bringing happiness for the people.

Q. How often do you come to the luncheon club here?

DM. Very often.

Q. And do you come to the An-Viet Foundation for any other reason - do you come for events or... for any other reason?

DM. No.

Q. OK. Finally then, I've asked this to everyone else, but if you could do whatever you wanted for a day, what would you... how would you spend your day.... What are your favourite things that you enjoy doing?

DM. Shopping, to buy shopping.

Q. So what sort of things do you like shopping for?

DM. The things she needs, for example for festivals, for meet, for rice...

Q. OK thankyou very much.
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