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Oral History Interview with Ly Bao


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Audio recording of an oral history interview with Mr Ly Bao, who moved to the UK in 1979. Interviewer: Alex Sydney Translator: Mr Dan Vuong.


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Q. Mr Ly, could you tell me how did you come to arrive in Britain, why did you come to Britain in the first place?

LB. I am Vietnam; me Chinese, because the Vietnamese government don't like Chinese people. So err..., we are, all the Chinese people leave Vietnam and go to Hong Kong.

Q. OK, so you went to Hong Kong first. Erm..., and what happened when you were in Hong Kong; what did you do while you were there?

LB. I go to take some work, take some work in Hong Kong, for about one year [Transator interrupts saying "work in a factory"]

Q. And why did you end up coming to Britain?

LB. The English Government sent a ship for the refugees in Hong Kong, so my family all go to England.

Q. OK. And you went with your family, altogether?

LB. Altogether.

Q. And where did you live first in England?

LB. I lived in Shopley Reception Centre. The first time move in London, I live in, in Hackney.

Q. And you've lived in Hackney ever since. So why did you move to Hackney when you came to London? Was there any reason; did you know anybody here... who lived in Hackney...?

LB. No, before, in the camp... [Translator interrupts saying "In the camp, they were moving people away and Hackney got a place; they came to Hackney"]

Q. So was it the council in Hackney who gave you a home, so you came to live in Hackney? I see. I understand. OK. Erm, so do you like living in Hackney?

LB. Yes.

Q. You can say no!

LB. It's not a big problem.

Q. It's not a big problem? OK. So tell me what sort of things do you like about living in Hackney?

LB. In Hackney, there are many community centres, and to go to shopping is very easy [Translator interrupts saying "transport is convenient"] and cheap".

Q. So where do you like shopping; do you go to Dalston or all around?

LB. Dalston.

Q. OK. Do you have any children who like in Hackney?

LB. No?

Q. No, so are your family...?

LB. Now only me and my wife?

Q. But you still have a house. Do you rent it from the council or...?

LB. Council

Q. Council House. Could you tell me, are you at all religious?

LB. No

Q. You're not. OK. Erm... I think the final thing I would like to ask you is... What do you like about places like the An Viet Centre; how often do you come to the luncheon club for example?

LB. Usually three times a week. And the elderly party [translator interrupts saying "Mr Ly is the Chair of the Elderly Group, so he does not only come to see friends, also he comes to help"]

Q. OK, so what sort of things do you do when you are helping?

LB. For example organise the activities, and give the ideas to cook.

Q. So what activities do you do; what things do you organise?

LB. One idea is a trip to the seaside, or a visit to a museum or something like that, another idea is the Moon Festival, or something for New Year.

Q. OK and the final thing I would just like to ask you, is if you could do whatever you wanted, how would you choose to spend a day; what would be your favourite thing to do in a day?

LB. Read the newspaper and a magazine.

Q. What sort of things, what sort of newspapers and magazines do you like reading?

LB. Chinese.

Q. Chinese. And can you buy them in your local shop or do you have to...?

LB. Yeah.

Q. OK that's brilliant. Thankyou. Bye-Bye.