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Newspaper cutting of an article that appears to have been taken from 'Sporting Life'.

The article describes a several thousand people gathering to watch David Morris complete a timed running challenge between Old-street to Lea Bridge-road on his 20th birthday.

Morris and Linton family records. 2017.1-36

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Dave Morris v. "Time"
In the neighbourhood of St. Luke’s on Monday several thousand persons assembled around the junction of Old-street and City-road on the occasion of a match between Dave Morris and the seythe-bearer. For some time past the sports in the immediate vicinity have made a disputable point of the distance from Old-street to Lea Bridge-road, and finally it was arranged that Morris should attempt the feat, the backer of Time, Mr. J. Hannaford, sen.. stipulating that the distance should be done in seventy minutes, and, if so, he was prepared to give a cup and a medal as a prize. One peculiar note of the match was that the date settled upon curiously enough was Morris’s twentieth birthday. He has only run once previously, and that was from the Horse and Groom, St John-street, to the Baldfaced Stag, Finchley, a distance of eleven miles and three-quarters, which he accomplished in one hour and seventeen minutes. Shortly after seven p.m. Morris stripped, and at 7.24 was sent upon his tedious journey, accompanied by Fred. Lemon as pacemaker, and J. Hannaford, jun., J. French, and F. Burgess on bicycles. When the word “Go!” was given Morris set off amidcheers. The route taken was up City-road into East-road, down Mintern-street into Bridport-place, hence along Southgate-road to Ball’s Pond, where he sped into King Henry’s-walk. Down Castle-street, across Kingsland-road, and making for the Cricketers’ Arms, he rushed along Clarence-road to Lower Clapton; then turning to the left he entered the straight run for Lea Bridge-road, reaching the Hare and Hounds at five minutes to eight, and turning with plenty of time in hand, he commenced the return journey along the same route, arriving at the Greyhound at twenty-eight minutes and a half past eight, which allowed the ped six minutes to spare. Following the match an enjoyable smoking concert was held.