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Physical Description

Rectangular red postage stamp with an image of Kind George V in the centre and white text on the red background. Franking mark visible on the front.

Object history

The first stamps of Rhodesia were those issued on 2 January 1892. They were inscribed “British South Africa Company”. This is an inscription common amongst all stamps until the territory administered by the BSAC was transferred to other colonies in the 1920s. This stamp has an image of King George V (1910-1936) and similar stamps are dated early 1920s.

Associated Person

Rhodes, Cecil John (Associated Person)




Height: 27mm
Width: 21mm

Exhibition Label

Stamp, 1920s

Dalston landowner Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902) played a significant role in setting up colonies in Africa. His British South Africa Company exploited the natural mineral wealth of the African continent to benefit Britain, rather than Africa or Africans. His racist beliefs ruined the lives of many Africans and he became very rich in the process. In 1923 a new country, Rhodesia, was created and named after him, and stamps like this were produced for it. It was a British colony until 1980 when it became independent and was renamed Zimbabwe.

Being African in Hackney: 1960s-2020s
14 September 2021 to 14 February 2022

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Top left and right - 1D [1 penny]
Top centre - British South Africa Company
Bottom - Rhodesia