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Framed Newspaper Cutting - 'Inspirational Izzard'



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Physical Description

A newspaper cutting showing a photo of comedian Eddie Izzard wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'Girls Who Do Girls'. The cutting has been mounted onto blue paper and placed in a glass frame.

Object history

This cutting features an photograph of comedian Eddie Izzard wearing a t-shirt designed and printed by Gonul Zeki at the Lenthall Road Workshop, Haggerston.

After funding for the radical screen-printing collective the Lenthall Road workshop was withdrawn, photographer Gonul Zeki used the workshop as a commercial enterprise to print T-shirts and other merchandise for the developing lesbian and gay community, in particular for lesbians who were less catered for.

Gonul’s unique brand of irreverent humour and slogans became popular and far reaching, being displayed on magazines and worn by celebrities.

Please note the article refers to Izzard as a cross-dresser, which was how she publicly identified at a time of publication.

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Zeki, Gonul




Length: 240mm
Width: 180mm
Depth: 5mm

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Workshop merchandise as worn by other leading dyslexics

Role Model: Eddie Izzard overcame dyslexia
Inspiration Izzard

Like many teachers, I’m no fan of National Curriculum tests that take no account of children with special needs. I would like to protect my dyslexic eight-year-old son from being judged and judged again before he’s even in his teens. Rather, I approve of the way his school is plastered with posters of people who overcame similar problems to his. Their number one role model is the cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard – of whom I am a fan. Although I admit I won’t be handing my little boy my lipsticks some time soon.